Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Amsterdam Platz 1

_Nicolas Montesano _Victor Vila _Boris Hoppek

_Nicolas Montesano _Victor Vila _Boris Hoppek
_Nicolas Montesano _Victor Vila _Boris Hoppek
[AC-CA] ist ein internationaler Architekturwettbewerb-Veranstalter, der sich auf progressive Wettbewerbe mit einer Reihe von Geldpreisen und der Veröffentlichung der Gewinner konzentriert. Den Wettbewerb habe ich hier vorgestellt. Ein Artikel über Platz 3 und Platz 2 gibt es auch.

1. Preis: Pedestrian bridge

Concept: The project proposes a central enclosed space, a water plaza. A space that is defined by its shape, where boats cross through and pedestrians and cyclists stroll along its perimeter. The act of framing a part of the river, brings a new value to it.

Structure: The bridge has a simple, round shape and is formed by the most classic of structural types: the steel lattice shell. This intensifies the purity of the original idea and justifies the rationality of the chosen solution.

Experience: Crossing can be performed both above and below the water level. This duality of paths brings in a new way to cross the river. The acompanying programme is incorporated inside the encircling cilinder, oriented inwards, and opening towards the new urban space.

Accessibility is granted both for bicycles and the disabled, with a gentler slope along the above-water span of the bridge. Boat transit underneath complies with height and depth regulations.

Sustainablity: Given the simplicity of its construction system, the bridge can be built from discarded or recovered shipyard steel from the local naval industry. Wood, which has a low environmental impact while providing the necessary resistance for such a humid location, is used in the interiors.

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