Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Amsterdam Platz 3

dritter Preis: Velorose + Heyne Tillett Steel
dritter Preis: Velorose + Heyne Tillett Steel
dritter Preis: Velorose + Heyne Tillett Steel
[AC-CA] ist ein internationaler Architekturwettbewerb-Veranstalter, der sich auf progressive Wettbewerbe mit einer Reihe von Geldpreisen und der Veröffentlichung der Gewinner konzentriert. Den Wettbewerb habe ich hier vorgestellt.

3. Preis: Icon for Amsterdam: a Slow-Living Bridge

Approach / Concept
An icon in terms of what it represents as much as what it is, this is a beautiful, efficient and living bridge; it changes over time, rather than being a static symbol. Its simplicity is its beauty, its program full of promise, its users its life. Designed to have minimal impact on its immediate surroundings, but to reappear at times throughout the city, it fits seamlessly in to the fabric of Amsterdam while being outstanding; recognisable, but unlike any other bridge, it is extra-ordinary.
Sustainability is its essence, composed of standard barges, containers, components and materials that are readily available and can be recycled from other uses. Its adaptability, however, allows it to accommodate cutting-edge technology.

Design / Logistics
The slow-living bridge lives on the Amstel and its canals. Between east and west bank it is most flexible at its centre, and north-south it is most fixed along the central axis of the museum; the bridge changes by day and by season.
Priority remains for passing craft; the resident engineers open and close the bridge, while pedestrians, runners and cyclists stop for a break or take another route. The slow-bridge app enables residents and visitors to check the status of the bridge, its various brightly-painted mobile elements (cafe and picnic barges, or the shuttle between the main train station, Hermitage and other institutions), or their bike repair. Ramps, ropes and chains connect barges in an accessible way.

Beyond the Program / Brief
barges and containers allow for the program and extra facilities, including landscaping, market stalls, performance and a lido. The bridge also acts as a pier.

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