MoonCapital 2010 – die Gewinner hat dieses Jahr den Designwettbewerb MoonCapital ausgelobt. Ziel war es sich vorzustellen wie man den Mond 100 Jahre nach unserem ersten Besuch 1969 besiedeln könnte. Die Wettbewerbsgewinner möchte ich Euch kurz vorstellen.


LPS: 2069
Authors: Bryna Anderson New York, NY USA
A concept for a microwave provision of terrestrial energy collected with lunar photovoltaics which combines an interesting program and the notion of creating Earth-normal gravity on the lunar surface in a massive rotating torus. The concept is based on American physicist Dr. David Criswell’s proposal for the Lunar Solar Power System.
Jury Comment:
“This design is grounded in a published concept for microwave provision of terrestrial energy collected with lunar photovoltaics, and combines that program interestingly with the notion of creating Earth-normal gravity on the lunar surface in a massive rotating torus. Both concepts are hypothetically feasible“ Brent Sherwood








Moon Capital
Author: Mengni Zhang Arlington, VA USA
Envisioning the process of gradual colonization of the moon’s surface with cluster settlements of different density and configurations. The growth process represented in this submission is similar to that of cities here on earth; a replication of modular units which generate a master plan of functional city clusters equipped with infrastructural webs such as transportation, water/air circulation, energy grid, sewage and communication systems.
Jury Comment:
“It is extremely elegant in its use of actual lunar landscape, respectful of the open terrain and incidentally holds the greatest potential of reducing the risks and headaches posed by regolith” Constance Adams


Lunar-Base at the Earth’s Moon – South Hemisphere
Author: Gareth Leech Bedfordshire, UK
inter-exchangable modular elements in order to meet a large program. The clustering patterns of
these modules are defined by the constraints of transportation.
Jury Comment:
realistic proposals. Although its a lunar- base it follows a traditional organic growth pattern of any
new settlement.” Andrew Whalley


Liquid Soil
Authors: Anthony Di Mari and Alberto Govela, Hicksville, NY USA
A lunar intervention – an inflatable structure within a rigid membrane which converts existing lunar resources to sustain agriculture above the surface of the moon. A planting and mining strategy which utilizes lunar resources such as titanium and helium 3.
Jury Comment:
“I like it precisely because it is not about building asuperstructure on the moon, rather it takes a more conceptual look at the issues that face us. It is about subtraction not addition – exploiting existing resources to create sustainable systems for the future.“ Amanda Levete


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