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richard anderson

BArch, MArch Richard Anderson

255Mr. Anderson, before we begin with the interview, please introduce yourself in 3-4 sentences briefly. _Richard Anderson [ra]: I was born in 1961 in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA. When I was very young, I knew I wanted to be an architect. Now, I would rather be working in my wood shop. Question 1: What was your first job after graduating? _ra: I received my bachelor of architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati, well known for its cooperative education practice program. Because of that, my first job out of school was a continuation of the last job I had in the co-op program. My first co-op job was in Indianapolis, Indiana at a large A/E office. The experience is strong in my memory, and included work on mobilization documents for the US Army. We designed such things as tank washes (yes, like a car wash, but for tanks) and POW camp guard towers. The set of documents was hundreds of sheets.

Das Haus von Paul Durand, Winter Street Architects

Wie wohnen eigentlich Architekten. Stimmt auch hier der Spruch, dass der Schuster die schlechtesten Schuhe hat oder ist es vielmehr so, dass sich am eigenen Haus jeder Architekt austoben kann. Dieser Beitrag soll einen kleine Einblick geben wie Paul Durand von Winter Street Architects (Salem, MA, USA) lebt. Ich hoffe, dass diese nicht der einzige Artikel dieser Art bleibt, sondern auch andere Architekten ihr Türen öffnen. Was die Architekten unter den Leser jetzt sehr gerne als Aufruf verstehen dürfen.