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BArch, MArch Richard Anderson

Mr. Anderson, before we begin with the interview, please introduce yourself in 3-4 sentences briefly. _Richard Anderson [ra]: I was born in 1961 in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA. When I was very young, I knew I wanted to be an architect. Now, I would rather be working in my wood shop. Question 1: What was your first job after graduating? _ra: I received my bachelor of architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati, well known for its cooperative education practice program. Because of that, my first job out of school was a continuation of the last job I had in the co-op program. My first co-op job was in Indianapolis, Indiana at a large A/E office. The experience is strong in my memory, and included work on mobilization documents for the US Army. We designed such things as tank washes (yes, like a car wash, but for tanks) and POW camp guard towers. The set of documents was hundreds of sheets. 1.033 mal gelesen.