Camelia Cottage

Camelia Cottage
Camelia Cottage
Camelia Cottage
Name: Camelia Cottage
Architects: 4site
Photos: Kevin Hui
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Developer: well it’s not a developer project

The existing house had various additions over the years and they were poorly built and very run down. The interior spaces were poorly lit and the exterior spaces poorly utilized due to ill conceived planning.

Terrace houses in inner-city suburbs are usually a layering of various add-ons at various points in time. This very low budget project is trying to minimise the work needed to be done by keeping the existing toilet addition, yet reorganising the space into a more usable and comfortable environment.
Whilst respecting the quality of space in the exisiting terrace house, we aimed to give a clear indication that this is a dramatic insertion at the back of the property at this point in time. A blossom in the monotonous heritage green, salmon pink, beige and corrugated sheeting urban landscape.

The windows in the living room once again act as the source of natural light. A storage platform flows from the new lean-to into the living room and provide addtional
built in seating. Although the chimney was removed, the memory of the old fireplace is preserved by the design of the storage wall. Old bricks were maintained in the same location for the hearth which now is a place for the TV.

Level 1, 187 Enmore Road
NSW 2042

21 Villiers Street
North Melbourne
VIC 3051

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