EggO House

Archi­tek­ten: A 69 Archi­tek­ten
Ort: Prag, Tsche­chi­sche Repu­blik
Kunde: Tomáš und Johana Růžička
Flä­che: 215 qm
Pro­jekt Jahr: 2006
Fotos: A 69

The pur­pose of the pro­ject was the con­struc­tion of a self-contained dwel­ling unit in the gar­den of the recently reconstruc­ted house. It was necessary to deal with the domi­nance of the oppo­site panel house facade, avoid con­fron­ta­tion with the archi­tec­ture of the ori­gi­nal house and find out a solu­tion that would not para­site on the gar­den area. The alre­ady exis­ting frag­ments of the reconstruc­tion of the ori­gi­nal house became the star­ting point of the pro­ject: the set-in con­crete slab with an out-placed exte­rior stair­case, the wall by the entrance gate­way and the par­king lanes limited by the gabi­ons. The exis­ting walls made up from cement bricks in the direc­tion of the pla­nes X and Y were com­ple­ted in the pro­ject with the hori­zon­tal slab in the plane Z. mehr

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