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Mr. Boyke Suriyadi (Indonesia)

Boyke Suriyadi
Boyke Suriyadi
Boyke Suriyadi
Mr. Suriyadi ,before we begin with the interview, please introduce yourself in 3-4 sentences briefly.
_Boyke Suriyadi [bs]: i am just a new comer architect

Question 1: What was your first job after graduating?
_bs: junior architect , responsible for drawing and presentation

Question 2: Why should clients in any case work together with an architect?
_bs: some case need some expert knowledge
to made good effect for both side clients and environment

Question 3: How would you describe your architectural style?
_bs: my architectural style was simple, functional and id like to put a little „technology“ on my design

Question 4: Which book or film has impressed you in the last time?
_bs: book ? i like cradle to cradle
film a documentary film about „turning Torso “ by santiago calatrava verry impress me ;)

Question 5: Who are your role models and why?
_bs: i like santiago calatrava ; he is an architect , artist and engineering
also i like leonardo da vinci

Question 6: Is the client king or should he be guided to his luck by an architect?
_bs: depend with the situation
sometime we must „ruled“ the client as aou knowledge

Question 7: Which subject in course of studies best prepared you for your profession?
_bs: hmmm studio and design architecture ?
also architecture method

Question 8: From Paul Valéry comes the term „architecture is music made in stone.“ What referees to the question, what music you’re currently happy to hear?
_bs: my music is so wide …
from heavy metal to violin instrument

Question 9: Which building would you like to design and why?
_bs: i like to design an airport
for me its need more ability to make a airport look fabulous and functional

Question 10: Architecture is … ?
_bs: …a way to create something ( something noy only building )

And finally, question 11: What question would you like to ask and whom?
_bs: i like to ask which one more better , traditional or modern ? why ? i still cang set my mind on this discussion

I am glad to have you as an non-german speaking architect on my magazine. So I take the opportunity to ask you a few more questions interesting for me and others. How to become an architect in your country?
_bs: maybe they must register to our architect institution to get registered
its also to protect that foreign architect from additional problem

In germany you have to be a member of the architectural chamber to call yourself an architect. Is there any comparable in your country?
_bs: yes
we have IAI ( Indonesia Architect Institution )

What about the current market situation in your place?
_bs: quite good

Are there any special architectual conditions in Indonesia?
_bs: we have tropical condition
thats why should have different treatment if compare with Europe architecture :)

Thank you Mr Suriyadi

ST Boyke Suriyadi
Pulo Cempaka 2/72
Jakarta 12210
+62 818 770421

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