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Heute möchte ich meine 11 Fragen an ein interessantes internationales Officeprojekt mit deutscher Beteiligung stellen. Das junge Büro rare hat sich meinen Fragen gestellt.

Before we begin with the interview, please describe the office in 3-4 sentences briefly.
_rare: RARE OFFICE brings together three architects and their personal and professional experience in Italy, Germany, US and Argentina. RARE is a creative platform for experimentation and research for valuable design and architecture. It is our playground, open to contaminations through collaborations with artists and other professionals.

Question 1:When and by whom the office was founded?
_rare: RARE office is founded in 2009 by Barbara Di Gregorio, Enrica Longo and Ilenia Paesani. Our offices are located in Berlin and Florence.

Question 2: Why should clients in any case work together with an architect?
_rare: Architects have a diverse background with which they are able to approach design, projects and clients‘ needs through a 360° vision. Therefore we work to provide our clients with the most appropriate, convenient and time reliable solutions.

Question 3: How would you describe architectural style of the office?
_rare: Hopefully our work will not framable within any style’s definition. The word style make us think of architecture as a brand and of industrial production. Architecture is instead profoundly human: each project is the result of conditions that are specific of a unique site and unique users.

Question 4: Which journals have you subscribed in the office?
_rare: Wettbewerbe aktuell, Details, Domus, Wired, Architectural Record, plus an infinite list of blogs!

Question 5: Who are your role models and why?
_rare: We do not have role models, but a high number of critical advisors and consultants.

Question 6: Is the client king or should he be guided to his luck by an architect?
_rare: Architecture is an experience that begins already at the conceptual stage. clients should take part to every step of this experience giving their personal inputs and becoming fully aware of the whole process. There is no king nor guide, but rather actors of a complex process that requires constant exchange and collaboration.

Question 7: What has been the most interesting project that you have completed?
_rare: We just founded our office, therefore we have not yet any completed project. Currently we’re working on a private residence with domotic features and several competitions. All of our works are interesting and challenging.

Question 8: From Paul Valéry comes the term „architecture is music made in stone.“ What referees to the question, what music you’re currently happy to hear in the office?
_rare: Our office is made up of people with diverse taste in music but generally we like experimental music. We are all grown up with classical music and jazz and our dream is to have a piano available in the office for those who can play and/or artists who could play different live set everyday.

Question 9: Which building would you like to design and why?
_rare: A multicultural center because it’s a very intriguing design challenge.

Question 10: Architecture is … ?
_rare: …“not about the world of design but about the design of the world“ Bruce Mau said this for design and we believe it applies to architecture as well. Plus, we would like to add „…and it’s about doing it right!“

And finally, question 11: What question would you like to ask and whom?
_rare: just 2 questions to Mies:
1) renovation and sustainability improvements VS restoration to preserve authenticity. Which and why?
2) Your picture on the cake for your birthday celebration: do you like it or would you change it with one in which you look younger?

I am glad to have you as an non-german speaking architect on my magazine. So I take the opportunity to ask you a few more questions interesting for me and others. How to become an architect in your country?
_rare: In Italy Architecture is a 5 years professional degree.

In germany you have to be a member of the architectural chamber to call yourself an architect. Is there any comparable in Italy?
_rare: Also in Italy we have a chamber of architects: it is called Ordine. All professionals that intend to practice must be registered.

What about the current market situation in your place?
_rare: Italy is overpopulated with architects.

Are there any special architectual conditions in Italy?

_rare: Besides the extremely complicated bureaucracy we must deal with, and a situation of stagnation, we don’t think there is any other particular condition that applies to architecture in italy.

Thank you Enrica Longo.

Schönhauser Allee 157
D-10435 Berlin
+49 177 6407207

via Ussi, 8 .
I – 50142, Florence
+39 055 0514640

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