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Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra (Spanien)

Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra
Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra

Ms Butragueño, before we begin with the interview, please introduce yourself in 3-4 sentences briefly.
_Belén Butragueño [bb]: More than an architect, I would like to consider I’m a researcher in urban space and culture…a little bit dreamer, and a little bit headstrong.

Question 1: What was your first job after graduating?
_bb: I worked at MVRDV (Rotterdam) at Celosía’s building in Madrid (strange, going abroad to work at home…)

Question 2: Why should clients in any case work together with an architect?
_bb: Not only with architects..a project needs from multidisciplina teams to be the best project possible.

Question 3: How would you describe your architectural style?
_bb: No style, in every specific circumstance a specific solution…bad idea being an stylish architect…

Question 4: Which book or film has impressed you in the last time?
_bb: El libro de los abrazos (Eduardo Galeano)

Question 5: Who are your role models and why?
_bb: creative people and dreamers…in architecture  Kazuyo Sejima

Question 6: Is the client king or should he be guided to his luck by an architect?
_bb: No king or footman, they both must work together and trust in each other. In the end an architect is a professional prepared to assume problems that the client can’t imagine…it’s a little bit like if you tried to tell a doctor how to operate your heart…but the doctor must listen to what the patient has to say!

Question 7: Which subject in course of studies best prepared you for your profession?
_bb: In fact, nothing prepares you for this profession because it’s changing all the time, architecture changes with society…so you make your way by walking.

Question 8: From Paul Valéry comes the term „architecture is music made in stone.“ What referees to the question, what music you’re currently happy to hear?
_bb: lately „The killers“…are we human or are we dancer?

Question 9: Which building would you like to design and why?
_bb: I would like to do something outstanding for the life of someone.

Question 10: Architecture is … ?
_bb: there are so many architectures as architects in the world…for me it’s inspiration

And finally, question 11: What question would you like to ask and whom?
_bb: will I make it? to…“god“?, „destiny“?

I am glad to have you as an non-german speaking architect on my magazine. So I take the opportunity to ask you a few more questions interesting for me and others. How to become an architect in spain?
_bb: You have to study hard for 6 years and afterwards do a Final Project that you must defend behind a Jury…Sometimes I think it’s too much work and too less thinking…

In germany you have to be a member of the architectural chamber to call yourself an architect. Is there any comparable in your country?
_bb: You are an Architect once you finish your studies and the Final Project but if you want to sing and build something then you have to belong to your corresponding Chamber

What about the current market situation in your place?
_bb: Horrible, no place for no kind of architects: creatives, technical, researchers, professors…no work, no opportunities, not even social benefits…quite hard for the moment.

Are there any special architectual conditions in spain?
_bb: there was an overconstruction for the last 15 years and now suddenly everything stopped..so we have a supermega crisis…

Thank you Ms Butragueño

Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra
B2Bconcept Architecture
C/ Doctor Esquerdo nº 138, 5º C-D
28007 Madrid
‚ (+34) 91 434 44 72
7 (+34) 91 551 15 96
blog: descartesdearte.blogspot.com

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